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A portfolio of work for media psychology research

Interview Reflection – Post New Media Narrative Project

What is the essential story behind the piece you created?     The core story of 5 Steps to Serenity is about the tasking process of learning to love and be … Continue reading

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An Original New Media Narrative

5 Steps to Serenity For this project, I decided to go a little light hearted and make a story about being comfortable with yourself using the narrative tools of dramedy (drama … Continue reading

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New Media Narrative Script

5 Steps to Serenity Jackie loves Serena Williams. I mean, she really loves Serena Williams. Pictures plastered all over the walls…continuous trolling over her social media accounts…what cable subscription? All … Continue reading

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New Media Narrative – Story Maps

Being a Gemini, I naturally I can’t make up my mind. So below are two options for completing the new media narrative project. Option 1: Me, Myself, and Serena This … Continue reading

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Kulture Magazine – an original ad project

Throughout this course I have been able to explore the various ways technology, and our relationship with it, has impacted society. The way people communicate with each other today is … Continue reading

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Understanding Media Literacy from the Language of Persuasion

All forms of media (traditional and new) have the ability to transfer meaning from producer to consumer. Whether explicitly or indirectly, media producers have the creative power to elicit certain … Continue reading

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Media Bias Reveals Patterns of Trust and Dependency

Bias is built exclusively from personal interests. Favoritism towards certain ideas, products, and activities are developed from a pattern of consumption. The more I regularly consume something, the more comfortable … Continue reading

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The deTechtive Badge – a Media Psychologist’s Greatest Weapon

Consumers are nothing if they do not consume. From the inception of any product, developers consider how can they make it easier for the consumer to consume. Technology is at … Continue reading

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Mantra Tweet

James Burke (1978) believed that inescapable technologies have produced a society full of “compulsive consumers.” People are best explained by the means with which they get their information, rather than … Continue reading

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Codependencies of Society and Communication Technology Explained Through Tetrad Analysis

Marshall McLuhan first explored the link between social change and communication technology in a study that produced his theory of media ecology (1964).  A key piece of that theory is … Continue reading

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