Media Psych Studies

A portfolio of work for media psychology research



Hello Fielding faculty and my fellow PhD students.

For the past six years, I have lived in Los Angeles working as a media professional. As a freelance video editor, screenwriter, social media strategist, and post production producer, roads have lead me to achieving a PhD within the industry that I have dedicated majority of my life to – media.

My Master of Arts is in TV, Film, and New Media Production from San Diego State University while my Bachelor of Arts comes in Film and Digital Media from the University of California Santa Cruz. With my academic and professional background revolving around the creation of traditional and new media, my objective is to combine my credentials with my passion of sports psychology. Specifically, I want to study the intersection of sports culture with emerging new media in regards to racial disparities, public relations benefits and miscues via social media, and the marketability of violence.

As a media psychologist, I want to teach media studies in a tenured position. I want to research, write, and publish works pertaining to behavior modification theories within the African American female culture. But even further, I would also like to work within a professional sports organization or a division 1 collegiate institution in a social media management or public and media relations manner. Sports and athletic competition is an internationally cherished and equally imperative band constructing our societal fabric. It’s athletes are young, revered, and thrown into a billion dollar industry essentially by themselves all while trying to manage their lives in an instant gratification social media age with institutional expectations and familial duties. I want to work with athletes to help deconstruct the “invisible ego” and avoid any life missteps in hopes of increasing their performance goals and prevent any serious life altering events.

Thank you for checking this out. Remember to visit frequently as there will be several updates posted throughout the length of this course.


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