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New Media Narrative – Story Maps

Being a Gemini, I naturally I can’t make up my mind. So below are two options for completing the new media narrative project.

Option 1: Me, Myself, and Serena

IMG_1276.JPG copy

This is a short dramedy about a girl who loves Serena Williams so much, that she aspires to be just like her. After several failed attempts at makeovers, workout regimes, and tennis lessons, T finds a new goal in the bottom of a whiskey bottle with no identity of her own. And after a conversation with her father, she realizes that there’s already a Serena Williams, but there’s only one Tunisha – so she learns to live for and love herself.

Goal – Be Serena Williams.

Problem : Can’t be another human being

Transformation: In failing to be somebody else, I discovered my own identity & how to love myself.

Resolution: Love yourself

In case my horrible handwriting is unreadable, here’s a transcript of the story and emotional flow notched above in the story map:

Story Map Transcript:

Beg: Awkward girl uncomfortable in her own skin.

Goal: Be Serena Williams.

Problem: Can’t be another human being.

– Tried looking like her via makeovers (hair/makeup) & fail.

– Tried working out like her – quit/fail.

– Tried to play tennis – fail.

– Devastated by failing in everything Serena does; Self-destruct mode. Drinking/smoking/depressing.

– Mentor figure reiterates love for Tunisha & not Serena.

– Quit drinking/smoking

– Start working out for myself and not anyone else.

Resolution: Love yourself

Visually, this would all be filmed original footage with myself cast and a couple friends. Voice over will be used to flow the emotions and actions of the story.

Option 2: Coming Home – LeBron’s Journey

IMG_1279.JPG copy

This is a factual short narrative about LeBron James and his NBA journey to win championships. From high school prodigy to South Beach villain, LeBron’s decisions have made him one of the most despised and criticized athletes in history. But even after winning 2 championships, a hole still remained unfilled in his heart, leaving him to finally return home with a mature, newfound respect for fans, community, and “home.”

Goal: Win championships

Problem: Can’t win and be in Cleveland at the same time

Transformation: heightened respect for hometown community and fans.

Resolution: There are things more important than rings – family and community.

Story map transcript:

– High school prodigy

– Hometown hero

– 4 straight years of playoff losses

– Announces free agency

– “The Decision”; becomes south beach villain; fans burns jerseys

– 4 straight finals (in Miami); wins 2 rings

– still feels empty inside; announces free agency again

– Returns to Cleveland; announcement via sports illustrated article

– Cleveland welcomes him back

– Homecoming king

To accomplish this new media narrative, I will use VO narration intermittently with audio from video clips. These visuals will be a compilation of stills (from twitter/articles) and video (YouTube footage of LeBron and fans).


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