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New Media Narrative Script

MMDC Serenity

5 Steps to Serenity

Jackie loves Serena Williams. I mean, she really loves Serena Williams. Pictures plastered all over the walls…continuous trolling over her social media accounts…what cable subscription? All Jackie watches are Serena highlights on YouTube. She’s her idol! She’s her hero! Serena can do no wrong! Jackie looks up to no one more than the highest earning Women’s athlete in all of sports.

Jackie’s been pretty content obsessin- err…echoing Serena’s life. But she’s not satisfied. She wants to be just like Serena. So now, her life “transformation” begins.

Step 1 – the appearance. Serena always looks amazing on and off the tennis court. So Jackie tries to mimic one of her classic looks. Didn’t…quite…nail it…but that’s ok! She’ll make up for it in wardrobe. “There’s gotta be a tennis skirt in there somewhere” Jackie says while fumbling through her closet. Holding up a pieces, this will have to do.

Step 2 – training. Serena’s a beast in the gym. No reason Jackie can’t do the same right?! But only after 3 crunches, Jackie finds herself kinda gassed. Whatever, she thinks. Who needs abs anyway! She tries the splits, one of Serena’s signature moves. And ohp…I think she pulled something. But it’s ok…as long as she’s got game on the court.

Step 3 – the game. Who needs a coach when you can put tennis for dummies under your pillow? But sadly for Jackie, she must have slept over the part on how to properly return.

After so many failed attempts of being just like Serena, Jackie dismally throws away her racket…emotionally crushed from failing to look, train, and play just like her idol. “Screw it” she says. Now hooked on cigarettes and glued to the couch in a depressing funk, Jackie realizes that she doesn’t even know who she is. Motivation – gone. Weight – inflating. Initiating Step 4: self-destruct mode.

Weeks pass of successfully completing Step 4. But out of nowhere, Jackie gets a visit from her best friend Maxine. Max reminds her, “I became best friends with Jackie – not Serena. I’m proud of who you are. Find your own way.”

The visit sparked something. Something positive. Jackie sees that she spent so much time and energy in trying to be someone else, she forgot what makes her happy. Out goes the smokes. A new makeover finds an original smile. And a training routine of her own knocks off the extra weight. Jackie always was better at boxing than tennis anyway…

A little home remodeling here and there, and Jackie achieves Step 5 – serenity. Be yourself. She’s not over Serena. That’s certainly still her idol. But in the end, failing to be just like her hero was the best thing that ever happened to her. For in that defeat, Jackie discovered her own identity and won by loving herself.


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