Media Psych Studies

A portfolio of work for media psychology research

An Original New Media Narrative

5 Steps to Serenity

For this project, I decided to go a little light hearted and make a story about being comfortable with yourself using the narrative tools of dramedy (drama and comedy). The main character Jackie (played by me…) is obsessed with Serena Williams and attempts to live her life just like Serena’s. In failing to do so, Jackie becomes dejected, loosing site of her own identity. But after a pep talk from Mom and long look in the mirror, Jackie picks herself up and finds serenity.

Mechanically I constructed this piece using a mix of still images and video on top of 2 tracks of audio – voice over and background music. In terms of story it was my intent to show an arc in character – establishing an ordinary world where my hero Jackie has a goal – being just like Serena. But through a collapse and failure of attaining that goal, my hero is transformed and accomplishes a new mission along the way – love and be yourself.


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