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A portfolio of work for media psychology research

Media vs Medium – What’s Really The Message?

Abstract Marshall McLuhan, a philosopher of media theory, predicted our attachments to electric means of communication before the like button on Facebook existed. Actually, he predicted it even before the … Continue reading

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Hosting your own digital community as a digital citizen

Abstract Digital natives are those born with a technological advantage by growing up and developing alongside it (Ohler, 2010). Human beings are social creatures by nature, and through their innate … Continue reading

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Compulsive Consumers and the Narrative Arc for Western Society

Abstract In 1985, James Burke presented a theory that outlined western society as being comprised of “compulsive consumers.” For moments of business or pleasure, entertainment or survival – people turn … Continue reading

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Re-evaluating Critical Thinking

At the start of my PhD journey, I was asked to define critical thinking. Seemed like an easy enough topic at the time… I went all over the place and … Continue reading

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Approaching Bias on the Web

Determining the authenticity of information on the internet is a task researchers must continually practice. After all in reality, citing something that turns out to be false can break someone’s … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Critical Thinking

Abstract: Researching the nature of critical thinking leads you to a number of different roads, including the evolution of context, definitions of facts, etc. This often asks you to contemplate … Continue reading

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08/12/2013 Hello Fielding faculty and my fellow PhD students. For the past six years, I have lived in Los Angeles working as a media professional. As a freelance video editor, … Continue reading

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